WW newsletter 1/9!

CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME? directed by Marielle Heller

Marielle Heller

Marielle is a writer, director and actor. Her first feature film, THE DIARY OF A TEENAGER GIRL, which she directed and wrote (adapted from the novel by Phoebe Gloeckner), has premiered and won awards at the Sundance Film Festival, Berlinale, Edinburgh Film Festival, and more all over the world. It was well received at Sundance and quickly scooped up by Sony Picture Classics. Marielle has been honored with numerous fellowship opportunities for her work including the 2012 Sundance Screenwriting Fellowship and Directing Fellowship, the Lynn Auerbach Screenwriting Fellowship and the Maryland Film Festival Fellowship. She recently was awarded Sundance Institute's prestigious Vanguard Award, along with Alejandro Inarritu. She made her commercial debut in 2015 with a Kate Spade holiday campaign starring Anna Kendrick. Also an actress, Marielle has made appearances in numerous television series and films and has performed at theaters all over the world. Here's a fun article about appreciating Marielle & tonight's movie!

Watch the CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME? trailer here!

Short Form Filmmaker Highlight:

  • Becca Roth & Laura Goehrke for their short "Lenses."


WW Newsletter 12/12!

Dec. Film Releases Directed By Women (No Screening Tonight)

December 1 | “Ulam: Main Dish”  W/D by Alexandra Cuerdo                 
                 “Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer” W/D by Jennifer Westcott

December 6 | “Clara’s Ghost” W/D by Bridey Elliott

December 7 | “Mary Queen of Scots” Dir. by Josie Rourke
                 “Divide and Conquer”  Dir. by Alexis Bloom
               “The Party’s Just Beginning” W/D by Karen Gillan

December 13 | “Bird Box” Dir. by Susanne Bier

December 14 | “Capernaum” Dir. by Nadine Labaki
                “That Way Madness Lies…” Dir. by Sandra Luckow

December 21 |Between Worlds”  W/D by Maria Pulera

December 25 | “Destroyer” Dir. by Karyn Kusama
                  “On the Basis of Sex” Dir. by Mimi Leder

Please use this month of Women(less) Wednesdays to support these filmmakers by attending a screening at your local theater! List compiled by Women and Hollywood. Check them out here!

Short Form Filmmaker Highlight:

  • Hannah Lux Davis for her music video "Thank U, Next."


WW Newsletter 12/5!

AMERICAN FABLE written and directed by Anne Hamilton

Anne's  feature debut, AMERICAN FABLE, premiered at the 2016 SXSW Film Festival  and was distributed by IFC Midnight. AMERICAN FABLE is a dark fairy  tale thriller set in the 1980s rural Midwest and is about a courageous  girl living in a dark, and sometimes magical world. Anne began her  career in film by working on the set of Terrence Malick’s THE TREE OF  LIFE. She was eventually selected as one of 8 women in the AFI's 2014  Directing Workshop for Women. Her first short film as writer-director,  "Death Artists, Inc.," which premiered at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

Watch the trailer to AMERICAN FABLE here!

Short Form Filmmaker Highlight:

  • Charlotte Le Bon for her short "Judith Hotel"


WW Newsletter 11/28!

LEAVE NO TRACE, written and directed by Debra Granik

Debra is the Academy Award nominated director and co-writer of WINTER'S BONE, which was nominated for four Oscars, including Best Picture, and won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. Granik and co-writer Anne Rosellini were Oscar nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay. Her first feature film, DOWN TO THE BONE, won Granik the Best Director prize at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. Most recently Debra wrote and directed LEAVE NO TRACE, a movie about a father and his thirteen year-old daughter are living an ideal existence in a vast urban park in Portland, Oregon, when a small mistake derails their lives forever. This movie is stunning and yes, this will be my 3rd time watching it. Debra is known for having an impeccable eye for young talent, launching Jennifer Lawrence's career in WINTER'S BONE and it looks like Thomasin McKenzie, the breakout star of LEAVE NO TRACE, will have a similar trajectory. Watch the trailer to LEAVE NO TRACE here!

Short Form Filmmaker Highlight:

  • Courtney Loo & Dave Karp for their music video "Honesty"
  • Gabby Shepard for her short  "Queen"


WW newsletter 11/21!

No Screening Tonight

November U.S. Theatrical Film Releases Directed By Women

November 9 | Lez Bomb dir. Jenna Laurenzo (LIMITED)
                       The Long Dumb Road dir. Hannah Fidell (LIMITED)
                       The New Romantic dir. Carly Stone (LIMITED)

November 15 | Jinn dir. Nilja Mu’min (LIMITED)

November 16 | Heart, Baby! dir. Angela Shelton  (LIMITED)

November 23 | Becoming Astrid dir. Pernille Fischer Christensen (LIMITED)

List compiled by the Tumblr fuckyeahwomenfilmmakers!

Short Form Filmmaker Highlight:

  • Mary Neely for her short "Pink Trailer"


WW newsletter 11/14!

WOMAN WALKS AHEAD, directed by Susanna White

British-born film and tv director, Susanna White has won a host of awards for her filmmaking. Having started out in documentaries she moved into drama in 2001 and within four years won a BAFTA for her work on Bleak House(TV). Her work with David Simon on Generation Kill (TV) yielded 11 Emmy nominations. Never afraid of new challenges, in 2016 Susanna directed the feature length adaption of John le Carre’s OUR KIND OF TRAITOR. Her latest film WOMAN WALKS AHEAD follows the relationship between famed warrior and holy man Sitting Bull and his confidant and portrait painter Catherine Weldon. Set in the late 19th century, WOMAN WALKS AHEAD uses the dispossession of the Lakota people’s land as a narrative backdrop.  As Catherine and Sitting Bull grow closer, and as their friendship—and his life—are threatened by government forces, Catherine must stand up and fight for what is most important to her. Watch the trailer to WOMAN WALKS AHEAD here!

Short Form Filmmaker Highlights:

  • Julia Kennelly for her short "Chandler"
  • Adinah Dancyger for her short "Cheer Up Baby"


WW Newsletter 11/7!

THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER written and directed by Sara Colangelo

Sara is a New York-based writer and director. Colangelo’s debut feature, “Little Accidents,” had its world premiere at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, and was subsequently nominated for a 2015 Independent Spirit Award. Prior to that, she made short films that have screened at festivals around the world, including Sundance, Tribeca, and SXSW. Her latest feature, THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER, premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival to rave reviews. Colangelo won the Grand Jury Prize for direction in the Drama category at the prestigious film festival.

Watch the trailer to THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER here!

Short Form Filmmaker Highlight

  • Kelley Kali for her short "Lalo's House"


WW Newsletter 10/31!


Mary is an American film director who has directed music videos, television episodes, and feature films mainly in the horror genre. In 1987 she released her debut feature, the stylish and controversial SIESTA, starring Ellen Barkin and Jodie Foster. It was nominated for the IFP Spirit Award for best first feature. She is known to horror fans for directing the 1989 adaptation of Stephen King's novel PET SEMATARY and its sequel, PET SEMATARY II. Most notably to millennials, Lambert directed the sequel to Disney's beloved HALLOWEENTOWN movie! The movie is "a GHOULishly good time," per Scott O'Brien!Lambert also worked in TV directing episodes of Arrow, The Blacklist, and The Dark Path Chronicles. Watch the trailer to HALLOWEENTOWN II: KALABAR'S REVENGE Here!

Short Form Filmmaker Highlight:

  • Kate Dolan for her short "Catcalls"


WW Newsletter 10/24!

RAW written and directed by Julia Ducournau

Julia is a French film director and screenwriter whose first feature, the horror movie RAW won the coveted FIPRESCI prize at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. Julia got her start in France where she attended film school at La Fémis in Paris, where she studied screenwriting. In 2011, her short film 'Junior' won the Petit Rail d'Or at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. She also made “Mange,” a television movie made for Canal Plus. Her work is often centered around physical transformation. When asked to give advice to other female directors, she replied "identify yourself as a director in the media, not as a female director." Watch the RAW trailer here!

Short Form Filmmaker Highlights:

  • The ACLU's documentary series "Trans in America"
  • Lisa J. Dooley for her short "Persephone"


WW Newsletter 10/17!

SUFFRAGETTE written by Abi Morgan and directed by Sarah Gavron

Sarah is a a British Filmmaker known for SUFFRAGETTE. Before SUFFRAGETTE, Sarah’s feature debut was BRICK LANE, which earned her a BAFTA nomination and The Alfred Dunhill Talent Award at the London Film Festival. Prior to this Sarah’s first full length drama, the Dennis Potter Award winning, THIS LITTLE LIFE for BBC TV, won her the TV BAFTA for Best New Director. Sarah was selected as one of Variety’s ten directors to watch at the Sundance International Film Festival. While training at the NFTS and after Sarah made many short films, which have screened internationally and won major awards. Sarah’s feature documentary THE VILLAGE AT THE END OF THE WORLD was nominated for The Grierson Award and won the prestigious Margaret Mead Award. Sarah is currently developing an adaptation of Rachel Joyce’s novel THE UNLIKELY PILGRIMAGE OF HAROLD FRY with Film4. Watch the SUFFRAGETTE trailer here!


WW Newsletter 10/10!

TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID, Written and Directed by Issa López

Issa is one of Mexico's best-known screenwriters and directors.  She wrote and directed the award-winning film CASI DIVAS and received excellent reviews on it. She just completed her third Spanish-language film TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID, which won her Best Director in the Horror Category of Fantastic Fest. TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID is a dark fairy tale about a gang of five children trying to survive the horrific violence of the cartels and the ghosts created every day by the drug war.

Watch the trailer to TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID here!

Short Form Filmmaker Highlight:

  • Gandja Monteiro for her short "Control Option Escape"


WW Newsletter 10/3!

EVERYBODY LOVES SOMEBODY written and directed by Catalina Aguilar Mastretta

Catalina is writer and director known for EVERYBODY LOVES SOMEBODY (2017), LAS HORAS CONTIGO (2015) and TABACOTLA (2008). EVERYBODY LOVES SOMEBODY embodies the realities of a Mexican-American woman falling in and out of love. It’s a rom-com with a bilingual twist. “In many ways I wanted to speak to people who look and sound like me, who know what it feels like to genuinely have two homes at the same time,” explains Aguilar Mastretta. Catalina is a graduate of the American Film Institute’s MFA Screenwriting program. In 2014, she took part in the inaugural Fox director fellows program, and in 2015 was accepted into the Sony Directing program. Last year, she completed the Ryan Murphy Half Foundation Program and directed an episode of the new Starz series VIDA in December 2017. She received such rave reviews from her producers and the network / studio, that they invited her back to direct the first 4 episodes of season 2. Watch the trailer for EVERYBODY LOVES SOMEBODY here!

Short Form Filmmaker Highlight:

  • Maru Buendia for her short "Windows"


WW Newsletter 9/26!

REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES directed by Patricia Cardoso

Patricia is an award-winning Latina director, writer and producer. She has directed THE WATER CARRIER, REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES, LIES IN PLAIN SIGHT, THE AIR GLOBES, MEDDLING MOM, RO, LA CLAVE, and EL PASEO DE TERESA. Patricia was the first Latina ever to win a Sundance Film Festival Dramatic Audience Award and to receive a Student Academy Award. She was invited to join the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in the Directors branch in 2017. In 2018 Ava DuVernay tapped her to helm an episode of her acclaimed series Queen Sugar. Watch a trailer to REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES here!

Short Form Filmmaker Highlights:

  • Scarlett Urbano for her short "Jasper"
  • Janicza Bravo for her short "Gregory Goes Boom"


WW Newsletter 9/19!

LA PREMIERE of PINKSLIPPED, Created By Jacky Priego

Jacky Priego was studying aeronautical engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne when she realized she wanted to change career paths. With the encouragement from her family Jacky got to work. With templates of scripts to use as guides, Priego created the first season of "PinkSlipped." The story of "Pinkslipped" centers around three best friends living in Chicago, all on the verge of losing their jobs at the same time. “It’s an authentic story about what it’s like to be a Latina currently in the workplace,” she says about the web series. “It’s a no-holds-barred story. It’s a love letter to all those women that are children of immigrants, and everything they sacrificed so that their daughters could fulfill their dreams. It’s a universal story for any marginalized community.” Jacky and other members of the "Pinkslipped" family will be at Thursday's screening! 

Check out the trailer to PINKSLIPPED here! 

Short Form Filmmaker Highlight:

  • Carolina Markowicz for her short "Tatuapé Mahal Tower"


WW Newsletter 9/12!

WHAT THEY HAD Written & Directed by Elizabeth Chomko

WHAT THEY HAD, written and directed by Elizabeth Chomko, premiered at Sundance this year and stars Hilary Swank, Michael Shannon and Blythe Danner. Ron Yerxsa, Albert Berger, Bill Holderman, Alex Saks and Keith Kjarval produced the film, which will be distributed by Bleecker Street Media. In 2015, Elizabeth won an Academy Nicholl Fellowship for this screenplay. Elizabeth is an alum of the Sundance Institute’s Screenwriters and Composers Labs. She's also a playwright and actress. Her plays have been produced in The Blank Theatre’s Living Room Series and The Kennedy Center’s New Plays Festival and workshopped with Inkwell Theatre’s Playwriting LAB. Watch WHAT THEY HAD Trailer Here!

Short Form Filmmaker Highlight:

  • Anna Mantzaris for her short "Enough" and "But Milk Is Important"


WW Newsletter 9/5!

THE RIDER written and directed by Chloé Zhao

Chloé is a Chinese filmmaker whose first feature, SONGS MY BROTHERS TAUGHT ME, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015. The film went on to receive three Independent Spirit Award nominations, including Best First Feature. She partially financed this movie with the $100,000 grant she received from NYU's Chris Columbus/Richard Vague Film Production Fund. Her second feature film, THE RIDER (2017), is a contemporary western drama which follows a young cowboy’s journey to discover himself after a near-fatal accident ends his professional riding career. THE RIDER was critically acclaimed and received several accolades including taking home the Art Cinema Award, the top prize in Director's Fortnight, at Cannes.Sony Pictures Classics distributed. Chloé is currently consulting on the SCALPED pilot for WGN, which DC Entertainment is producing through Warner Brothers. Watch THE RIDER trailer here!

Short Form Filmmaker Highlight:

  • Miranda July for her short "Somebody"


WW Newsletter 8/29!

JENNIFER'S BODY, directed by Karyn Kusama and written by Diablo Cody

Karyn’s debut film, Screen Gem’s GIRLFIGHT, starred Michelle Rodriguez and was produced by John Sayles. It premiered at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival, winning the festival’s ‘Grand Jury Prize’ and ‘Directing Award.’ She also directed JENNIFER'S BODY as well as AEON FLUX, which starred Charlize Theron. In addition, she directed THE INVITATION which premiered at the SXSW Film Festival in 2015 and was acquired by Drafthouse. On the television side, Karyn directed an episode of MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, HALT AND CATCH FIRE, BILLIONS, MASTERS OF SEX, and more. Karyn is also set to direct Fox’s upcoming genre movie, BREED, based on the book of the same title by Chase Novak.  Watch the trailer for JENNIFER'S BODY here

Short Form Female Directors Highlight:

  • Anette Sidor for her short "Fuck You"


WW Newsletter 8/22!

THE PARTY'S JUST BEGINNING, written and directed by Karen Gillan

Originally from Scotland, Karen Gillan moved to the United States to pursue acting, and she found filmmaking along the way. Karen’s work has a tendency to both seek out the twisted darkness and embrace the humor found in adversity. She directed two short films, 'Coward' and 'Conventional,' before her debut feature, THE PARTY'S JUST BEGINNING. This movie just premiered to rave reviews at the Tribeca Film Festival and was picked up by The Orchard. As for her acting career, Karen can be seen starring in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, which just opened to the biggest box office weekend in history. She was also recently the only female lead in Sony’s highest grossing film of all time, JUMANJI, for director Jake Kasdan. She can also be seen in the worldwide hit GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2, in which she reprised her role as Nebula opposite Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, and Kurt Russell. Watch the trailer here!

Learn More

  • Minhal Baig for her short "Hala"


WW Newsletter 8/15!

DRUNKTOWN’S FINEST, written and directed by Sydney Freeland

Sydney Freeland is a Navajo filmmaker. She wrote and directed the short film 'Hoverboard' and the film DRUNKTOWN'S FINEST (2014), which garnered numerous acclaims after premiering at Sundance. Freeland wrote and directed DRUNKTOWN'S FINEST as a means to combat the negative stereotype of her home community. Freeland, who is herself a transgender woman, also directed a digital series about queer and trans women called ‘Her Story.’ The series was nominated for the newly-created Emmy Award category of Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama. Her second film, DEIDRA AND LANEY ROB A TRAIN debuted at Sundance and was released on Netflix in 2017. Watch the trailer to DRUNKTOWN'S FINEST here!

Short Form Filmmaker Highlights:

  • Morgan Gruer for her music videos
  • Myrsini Aristidou for her short "Semele"