Welcome to Women Wednesdays

Welcome to Women Wednesdays

Welcome to Women WednesdaysWelcome to Women WednesdaysWelcome to Women Wednesdays

Weekly Screening. Weekly Newsletter. Weekly Dose of Female Filmmakers.

Our Mission Statement

Women Wednesdays was founded by Carly Kleinbart and brings together industry members who are dedicated to finding, sharing, and empowering the voices of female filmmakers.  What started as a weekly movie screening with a few friends has quickly evolved into an industry wide event and newsletter that is shared with over 1,000 executives, agents, coordinators, and assistants across the business. As a group we hold ourselves accountable to educating ourselves on the work of talented female filmmakers to ensure that they are getting a proper shot when we are developing projects. As this group grows, we continue to look for new female voices to discover, share, and elevate in our weekly screening and newsletter.

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Women Wednesday Has Partnered With The Alice Initiative

Alice Initiative
Women Wednesdays

The Alice Initiative was launched in 2016 by a group of female film executives and producers to highlight promising up and coming female directors who are ready to helm their first studio film. The Alice Initiative is named after French filmmaker Alice Guy-Blache, who is widely considered the first female director. She was a pioneer in the field and helmed more than 1,000 films during her career in the early 1900s.

In addition to the women highlighted on the Alice Initiative List, they also provide a curated list of women currently working in TV and Film they would consider working with. This list is constantly evolving.  Names are added as the women of the initiative discover new talent. The Alice Initiative tries to not only shine a spotlight on new (or new to them) talent, but on the female directors we think should be working more.